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EMPIRE WELLNESS works closely with a whole range of experts, from farmers, chemists, doctors, and technicians, to provide completely pure , clean CBD and Delta 8 THC products for therapeutic, medical and recreational use. We grow, extract and harvest our medicinal hemp on a large scale, to produce plenty to go around.
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State of the Art

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for all CBD & Delta 8 THC production, distribution, and packaging.

Compliant and Safe

All our CBD & Delta 8 THC products are legal. We do everything to ensure that our products and processes are in compliance both domestically and internationally.


Our CBD & Delta 8 THC products are NON-GMO and made from all natural ingredients.

Lab Tested

Our CBD & Delta 8 THC products are rigorously third party lab tested. All our products are accompanied by a certificate of analysis to ensure the quality of our products.

Quality, all-natural CBD you can trust